Papago ½ FITA Practice Tournament & Olympic Qualifier

A NAA Sanctioned Tournament

September 27, 2003

Aerial Photo of Range within Park


Half FITA Results     Olympic 70m Qualifier Results     Photos


The Papago Archers September 27th, 2003 Tourneys were a great success.  The NAA sanctioned tourney was held at the City of Phoenix Papago Park Archery Range.  Archers from Apache Junction to Waddell, as well as Tucson and Marana competed.  For most, the tourney was a preparatory tournament for the Duel in the Desert Trials. 


Twelve lanes were set up with three, one-meter archer spaces to a lane.  This allowed for one shooting line.  The field striping looked great thanks to George Frangos and John Howland.  Four brand new JOADs took part in their first Tournament.  They all did very well and we look forward their continued participation.


14 JOADs and 18 Seniors competed in the morning ½ FITA.  The temperatures rose from the 80s to just under 100 degrees by mid day.  Winds were calm to gusty and mostly from west to east.  One shooting line made for a quick tourney, but made it difficult to get a drink of water, go to the port a pottie or rest a little. 


18 competed in the afternoon Olympic Qualifier.  Temperatures rose well above 100 and was a bit warm for most.  Everyone left with smiles, knowing that they are ready for the one day FITA 2003 Duel in the Desert Trials (Ben Avery FITA range, October 11th, for more information, Click Here)


The only out of the ordinary event was an arrow that exploded into pieces.  Some of the shaft stayed behind the 3 meter line and was judged an un-shot arrow.  The lesson here is to inspect your arrows, especially after a miss, for damage.  Fortunately, there were no injuries.


The Papago Archers and AZJOAD thank all the archers for competing and keeping our sport strong, alive, and well.  Please feel free to let us know of other events that you would like to see. 


There will be a Ben Avery FITA Range clean up on October 4th, 2003 in preparation for the Duel in the Desert Trials: Ben Avery work party October 4th, 2003


The Papago Park Archery range distances from:

Apache Junction, 28 miles

Ben Avery FITA range, 30 miles

Flagstaff, 150 miles

Marana, 95 miles

PSE Tucson, 110 miles

Waddell, 35 miles.

For the record:


Set up began at 7AM.

Check in an Equipment inspection at 7:30AM 

Official Practice began at 8:00AM.

Scoring round began at 9:00AM

The ½ FITA was over at 11:45AM 

(3 ¾ hours total time including 45 minute of official practice and 15 minutes break)




72 Arrow Olympic Qualifier

Official Practice began at 1:00PM

Scoring round began at 1:30PM

A short break was given after the six end form 2:17PM to 2:22PM

The Olympic Qualifier was over at 3:30PM (2 ½ hours total time including ½ hour of official practice)


The field was taken down and all was put away by 4:30PM


Thanks to the help of archers and spectators!


Bob Pian was the Director of Shooting and Alan Huff judged.  John Howland was the back-up judge and helped the first time JOADs during the ½ FITA.  The jury of appeals consisted of Fred Grant, Rockne Repp and Nic Panawa, but was not called into service.