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2002 Duel in the Desert



Tournament held October 19th and 20th, 2002


Overall Scores NOT AVAILABLE

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This year the event was hosted by the Arizona State Archery Association and AZJOAD at the Ben Avery FITA Archery Range.  

·         78 were expected and 70 competed including 12 JOADs and a group from Dine College, Navajo Nation, Arizona.

·         Format dictated that two lines be utilized (AB,CD). 

·         The Trials date maybe moved up or the Duel date moved back next year so that there are three weeks between events to allow more time for preparation between tournaments. 


The Team:

Arizona fielded a full team of 20 seniors and 4 JOADs, California fielded a full male team but left 6 female positions unfilled. 


The Duel is a thirty? year old tradition that alternates between California and Arizona on a yearly basis.  October is the traditional time for the Duel when the weather in either State is “Perfect”.  Some Arizonans suggested that the number of compound and recurve archers be equalized (perhaps 5 each for men and women).  California brought only one compound female senior. 


The Range:

The field décor featured an Arizona sand shark biting an unfortunate California bogey board archer, a California 3D bear that seemed to collect arrows, and a “Boot Hill” with grave stones archer epitaphs.  The weather was similar to the “Trials, breezy at times, 90s F, conditions still allowed for “personal best” scores under beautiful blue sunny skies.


The Side Show:

·         A lunch and snack concessionaire “Kool Treats” was on site with 10% of the proceeds going to the ASAA and AZJOAD.

·         AZJOAD also ran a raffle with a Bow Tech bow, Hoyt Discount and custom bow work stand as major prizes. 

·         There was also a “shoot the spider” fun shoot ($1/shot) at 70 meters, run at lunch and after second distance (1/2 the proceeds to the cash prize the other half to AZJOAD).  The spider was shot during the lunch break on the second day.  Jessica Grant collected almost 100 dollars. 

·         There was always something to do. 

·         Tournament artwork was used with permission from artist Nelson Boren.  Check out his cool website at www.nelsonborenart.com.

·         The “Boot” adorned the web announcement, scorecards and the Trophies/plaques and program.


The Tournament:

The archers seemed pleased by the tournament organization:

·         Started almost on time per schedule and finished ahead of schedule.

·         Well planned target assignments (Clipboards and score cards pre-labeled)

·         Clean facility (6 port a potties, hand cleaner and a Friday set up crew)

·         Shade and Ice water was provided.

·         Short lunch time made possible due to on-site concessionaire “Kool Treats”

·         Efficient judging and whistle/time clock operation.  Judging crew, Linda Collier (CA), Vivian and Mike Koistinen (AZ)

·         Award ceremony concluded at 3:00pm

·         Being a local/state/regional tournament, the archers and spectators brought their own chairs.

·         Music was played during arrow retrieval and lunch.



Day 1

On time and quick pace.  The first day found a couple archers well accommodated by arrow-pulling agents.  The bowman class never lagged behind as an adult volunteer assisted with arrow pulling and scoring from start to finish.  Arizona had a slim lead after the first and second rounds.  The Arizona women and California men scoring the bulk of the points. The first day was completed by 1:30 PM with discussion of how ties are broken.


Day 2

Relaxing after a smooth first day.  Day two was generally more of the same with Arizona women extending their lead and the Arizona men fighting back. 



The typical “after the last arrow rush” resulted in the scoring being tabulated in a fury.  The raffle distracted some people as other people hovered around the score tabulators who were desperately trying to focus on their task.  The scene is reminiscent to the back seat of the family station wagon with the constant chatter of “are we there yet...are the results done yet?”  The only differences being that the voices were from seniors.  Some had an 11-hour car trip ahead of them and wanted to get out of town as soon as possible.  The score tabulators finished their job in a very reasonable time, in spite of the challenges.


When the dust cleared, Arizona won the Duel in the Desert combined team competition and the Duel women’s team competition.  California avoided the shut out by winning the Duel men team competition. 


Final score:

(Each pair of AZ/CA archers competes head to head and collect a point for each distance won and for the overall FITA.  Each archer can score up to 5 points.)


Arizona 67.5

California 52.5


 “Boot” artwork trophy/Plaques were awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the JOAD, Seniors and Masters for overall FITA score.  Team awards were given and photos were also taken.


Next year, plan on shooting the “Trials” in the respective States as the Duel in the Desert moves back to California.  An Arizona goal for 2003 is to send a complete team to California.  Eldorado Park in Long Beach was the most recent California Duel Site.  Chula Vista, just south of San Diego is also a former Duel in the Desert site and would be a nice venue.




Day of event help.  We could not have done it without this help!

·         The Cannons: Canopies and flags up and down.

·         Alan Huff: Scored with the JOAD Bowmans all day, each day.

·         The Woodmans: Score gatherers and general “Brains and Brawn”

·         Debbie Krienke: Volunteered a Bow Tech bow raffle prize at the last minute!

·         Rob Mitchell: from ice water to target set up and score posting, he did it all!

·         Harold Rush and Mark Penaz: a couple of great shooters that donated a couple full of days of tournament help.  They did it all!

·         Michael Mitchell, worked with Dad, a sacrifice of sorts.

·         Debbie Anstead, Dianne Harden, Debbie Ward, The Ellisons, Score gatherers

·         Sarah Bernes, Score tabulation.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday Field crew:

·         Wayne Davison and Jim Hamilton (Striping) George Frangos, Joe Brindley, Rob Mitchell, The Cannons and the Stintons (CA). 

·         George also provided the sand shark and bitten board. 

·         Mike Koistinen provided the CA 3D Bear. 

·         Janice Price, Boot Hill


AZ Trials and Duel Organizers:

·         Mike Koistinen: Officials and registration, and team shirts

·         Ted and Diane Harden: registration, scoring and lane assignments

·         Bob Pian: volunteer coordinator, potty master and announcer

·         Janice Price: trophies, raffle, music, décor, programs, welcome bags and flyers, scorecards

·         Fred Grant, Spider money shoot, Raffle prize donor.

·         Kool Treats: Chris Nauman donated 10% of the proceeds to ASAA/AZJOAD.


Apologies if we have missed anyone


The effort took several months starting with phone calls, emails and a month of weekend range work parties.  The result is that…


Duel in the Desert 2002, was a great success!