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Renovated BASF Backstop


October 4, 2003


Ben Avery FITA Field Fix up.

·         The Black Canyon Archers, ASAA and AZJOADs got together Saturday morning to fix up the range.

·         The big project was to refurbish the backstop.

·         Pre primed “Clad Board” was applied over the old peeling painted boards and then painted “Ben Avery Tan” with a 100% acrylic flat paint.  


·         The work should last for years.

·         The backboard now looks great!

·         Some but not all the weeds in the enlarged parking lot were removed.

·         Finally the damage from the Micro burst was policed.

Here is the gang that fixed thing up, thank them when you see them at the trials.

1.       Dave Aprea

2.       Art Baribalt

3.       Wayne Davidson

4.       Jessica Grant

5.       Mike Koistinen

6.       Robert Kortan

7.       Nic Panawa

8.       Chris Panawa

9.       Harold Rush

10.   Bob Pian late…

·         Doug Witt arranged for the clad board and material delivery.

·         The ASAA supplied the clad board and paint.

·         Trina Musick’s painting supply from last year was also used.



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