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NASP training



October 29th and 30th, 2003

Greenfield Junior High School

Gilbert Public School



Thanks to Don Winslow and the Arizona Game and Fish Education program, twenty-three took part in National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Level 1 Certified instructor training.  This time the Arizona State Archery Association and the Arizona JOAD Association arranged for a variety of instructors to teach for two days of six hours each.


Mike Koistinen, Level 3 Coach/Instructor acted as the lead instructor with five support instructors each day.  The class consisted of primarily Gilbert Public School Jr. HS PE teachers.  There were over twenty student participants.  Also in attendance was Anthony Chavez, Arizona 4-H Program coordinator for Maricopa County. 


Day One:

The first day focused on book learning and ended with a written test.  The day was broken up with period where the students practiced shooting the Genesis Bows in the gym using the classic NASP equipment setup.  The focus was on the technical aspects of good archery form.


Day Two:

The class went outside on the second day as the class roll played to gain experience in how to teach in a group environment.  The equipment was moved to the field and set up again to show how each school might set up their own “range”.  The day ended with two Greenfield Jr HS PE classes getting a chance to try archery under the supervision of the newly certified archery instructors.


During the two-day event, some interesting things were shared.

1.      Many PE teachers are looking forward to hosting their own archery clubs in their schools.

2.      Anthony Chavez reported that 4-H clubs throughout the Maricopa County enjoy archery very much.  As a result many 4-H clubs will be using archery as their foundation activity.  4-H looks forward to working with the schools to establish clubs.

3.      The Arizona JOAD Association is in place to support those youths that with to advance in target archery.

4.      In summary, first NASP during school hours then School/4-H clubs after school finally AZJOAD and competition.


For more information contact:


National Archery in the Schools program

Visit and then click on Arizona JOAD Association. 


Event and program contacts:


Arizona Game and Fish

Don Winslow,

Bill Larson

Mark Quigley

Chris Anstead, Level 2


Arizona State Archery Association

Mike Koistinen, President,


Arizona JOAD Association

Bob Pian, AZJOAD Coordinator,

Paula Simpson, Level 2

Ted Harden, JOAD

Ric Wyckoff, Level 2

Fred Grant, Level 2


Arizona 4-H

Anthony Chavez, Program coordinator,


For more information on this program and youth archery in general contact Bob Pian

602-228-0465 and





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