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Intro to ARchery Class



Held November 1, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM



The introduction class went off without a hitch except for the sad fact that the Halloween trick or treating the evening before resulted in less than overwhelming participation.


Instructors that took part were:

John Howland, lead instructor

Barbara Noblet

George Frangos

Nic Panawa

Rockne Repp

Doug Witt


Also helping instructing were JOADs Mary Frangos and April Witt.

Papago Park manager, ranger and city outreach program staff helped also.

With so many instructors in place, the City staff was able to take part in the classes also.


By the end of the day the group was able to shoot at apples, which was great fun.  Everyone took part. 


This is how the event went:

·         First the archer in most case the parent/guardian signed the waiver form, which was a petition style with multiple signatures per sheet.

·         Then the students were given a basic safety range rules talk along with “Nine steps to the 10 ring” instruction.

·         After the instruction it was time to get shooting.  Instructors selected an AZJOAD bow of proper length and poundage and worked one on one with the student. 

·         Each student was able to shoot three or fours ends of six arrows each. 

·         Many were able to keep shooting and spent most of the morning shooting, resting and shooting.

·         At the end of class the students were given a certificate of achievement.


Next time we will be able to handle many many more archery beginners.


By Bob Pian.



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