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2003 Western Region joad Coordinator


June 25-26, 2003



Mr. Ted Harden I

Tempe, Arizona


Ted Harden I was appointed to his first term as Western Region JOAD Coordinator during the JOAD committee meetings before the 2003 JOAD National Tournament.  He is well known as the webmaster of and the host of the "Monthly Indoor and Outdoor Call-in Shoot".  Ted also hosted the "2003 National Call-in Tournament" which was online for the first time this year.   Ted traveled with the 2002 US Jr. World Team, as a travel chaperone/assistant, to the Czech Republic.


Ted Harden has volunteered in the Arizona State Archery Association and AZJOAD for years.  He is particularly active behind the scenes helping to organize activities and insuring that all is in place before events like the Arizona Cup.  Arizona State Archery Association awarded Ted the "Toxophilite" (Archery Lover) award in 2002 for his years of service and contributions to Arizona's archery community.   Ted and his wife, Diane, have generously hosted the State JOAD Outdoor Championships for the last two years.  Ted looks forward to beginning an Arizona State NAA membership drive in addition to his volunteer duties as JOAD Regional Coordinator.


During the JOAD Committee presentation at the JOAD Nationals, Ted presented the JOAD committee vision for the JOAD resources "online".  Ted has volunteered to work with the NAA staff to support the online JOAD resources.


A 2003 National JOAD Committee project is to develop regional JOAD tournaments.  To help advance the work of the JOAD Western Region, an assistant or co-regional coordinator is being sought.  Ideally a volunteer representative from the pacific coast or the northwest will come forward.


Ted Harden I is parent to Ted Harden II.  Ted2 is a two time Jr. USAT member and JOAD national record holder and a former JOAD National Champion.


Please welcome Ted and offer your help and support.


By Bob Pian



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