Encanto Park History


City of Phoenix, Main Library “Arizona Room” Collection research 12-21-2002.

·        1934, the Encanto area began to become a City of Phoenix park.  Property was purchased from J. W. Doris (100 acres) and Dr. Norton among others. Quitclaim deed 11-27-1934.


·        1935, Legal description issued by the Phoenix City Manager Thos. M. Sullivan in order to curtail live stock grazing.


·        1955, Encanto Park brochure, 2700 N 15th Ave., indicates archery adjacent to tennis clubhouse, badminton, croquet, horseshoes and parking.  The archery range is also indicated on an associated document as “100 yds”


·        1965, Encanto Park brochure map shows the archery range adjacent to a recreation building and restrooms.  The area is in section of the park referred to as the south section identified as such by being south of Encanto Blvd.  The area is referred to also as the supervised games and sports area.


·        1974,1975 (Brochure), The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department encouraged archery events including:

1.      Holiday Sports Festival Archery Tournament for youths ages 9 to 18.

2.      Archery Field and Target archery groups meet at Encanto Park and Maryvale Park. Tournaments and classes offered

3.      Associated groups; Black Feather Archers, Hondah Archery Club.


·        1981 (Brochure), Phoenix Parks and Recreation and Library Department listed “Archery” as a Special Operation along with team field and ball sports.


·        1982 (Resource Brochure), Only Encanto was listed as a Phoenix park with an Archery Range.


·        1985 AZ Republic September 8, 1985.  The Director of Parks and Recreation, Jim Colley discusses trends…

More sports facilities to accommodate greater interest in physical fitness and games. 

Soccer and handball are in; archery is out. 

Bike paths and jogging trails are hot, horseshoes pits are not.


·        12-12-82 aerial photos indicate that the Encanto archery range area was intact.


·        1-4-84 aerial photos appear to indicate that the Encanto archery range area was under construction.


·        12-18-84 aerial photos indicate the tennis, basketball, and racket ball complex was construction in the location of the former archery range.


·        Improvement were made to the “south side” by way of 1979 and 1984 bonds totaling $1.3M


·        Other documents, assumed to be in the 1980s, frequently mentioned names

1.      Daniel Cleland, American Society of Landscape Architect, Cella Barr

2.      Bernie Freese Landscape Architect, Phoenix

3.      Jim Burke, Parks Development Administrator, Phoenix

4.      Herman Orcutt, Paul Winslow, Arlen Solochek, Orcutt Winslow Architects