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Dec. 21, 2002



(Lto R)  Trina Musick, Jon Brewington, Jessi Grant, Lindsay Pian,

 Mark Penaz, Ted Harden 2, April Witt and Randy Bucher

Dec. 14, 2002 - 600 Round at Archery Headquarters


The Arizona “Iron Archer” series began on November 16th with 15 compound and recurve archers competing in a 600 round.  The series 2nd event took place on December 14th at Archery Headquarters in Chandler where only 8 of the original 15 competed.  The top 600 round for each archer was used for rank and seeding for the December 21st round robin at Archery Headquarters.  The archers highest single 600 round score was used to better mimic the World Indoor Trials round robin seeding where a single 600 round was used for placement.



(L to R)    April Witt, Randy Bucher, Jessi Grant, Mark Penaz, Ted Harden 2,

 Jon Brewington, Lindsay Pian, and Frank Pearson


Archery Headquarters Round Robin  - December 21st

Seven round robin matches took place among the 8 round robin competitors.  Compound and recurve archers competed together.  Frank Pearson graciously shot as “Mr. Bye” and won 5 matches.  There were four match ties where the matches were won in one, two and three arrow shoot-offs.  This proved to be truly exciting and great practice for the Trials.



The compound bow division proved to be very exciting with Jon Brewington winning all of his round robin matches and ultimately the tournament.

Lindsay Pian won the Olympic bow competition. 


Trophies were presented for first place in the form of “six pound iron shots” on a maple base and tourney prize money paid out.


2002 Arizona Iron Archers, Lindsay Pian and Jon Brewington





Mike Koistinen hosted the first event and officiated at both 600 round events.

Archery Headquarters (Chandler, AZ) hosted the second 600 round and the round robin.

Non-shooting volunteers were Ted Harden (Venue), Doug Witt (Timing), Bob Pian (Support official) and Janice Price (Scoring, prizes and trophies)