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Meeting Minutes

With Papago Park Staff

Updated Nov. 30, 2002



Papago Park Meeting, 11-30-2002, 2:00 to 3:00 PM


Bob Pian met with Papago Park staff, Park Rangers Frank Scherer and Ranger Supervisor Issac Lewis.  Papago park is eager to increase range use and is looking forward to the improvements.


1.       January 18th was selected as the archery range clean up day. Click here for details.  The work is to be begin at 9:00 AM under the watchful eye of Ranger Scherer.  He will also direct where the rocks are to be disposed of.  The range is open from 6:30 AM to sundown.

2.       A piece of equipment like a tractor or a front-end loader will make the work go much faster.  Frank Scherer will direct the earth-moving and is ready, willing and able to operate the equipment if an operator is needed.

3.       A major goal is to remove the rocks that damage arrows from the range.  The priority will be to prepare 1/3 or 1/2 of the range so that portable wooden stands can be set up between 30 to 90 meters.  Eventually Ľ” minus decomposed granite will cover the range.

4.       Thorny tree branches are currently at eye level.  The trees are to be pruned up so that people can walk under them safely.

5.       The seven existing narrow profile frames are to be placed in such a way to be usable by both for both meter and yard distances.  (Proposed locations; 100 yds = 90 meters, 77 yds = 70 meters, 66 yds= 60 meters, 55 yds = 50 meters, 50 yds, 33 yds = 30 meters and 20 yds.)

6.       Permanently fastening the target stand into concrete footings would be nice.  This may be a long-term Boy Scout project if time and concrete are not available.

7.       The remaining wide metal frames will no longer be needed (Propose to locate two of the frames behind the shooting line for use as poster stands.  The remaining two stands to be located at 10yds and 5 yds.  The City plans to build 4 more narrow profile stands.  They can be located at; 44 yds= 40 meters, 40 yds, and replace the wide stands at 10 yds and 5 yds.)

8.       There are no funds to cover the permanent stands with wood or rubber matting.  Such protection is another long-term project.

9.       Perhaps grill hot dogs and hold a kid’s fun shoot after the work is done.  Bob Pian to investigate.

10.   Kathy Reichert, Park manager has submitted for a $5000 grant for a storage container, redwood 2x4 target stand materials, 52” target butts and gravel.  If the grant is approved the stands maybe able to be built during the work party.  Wood stands would be used for official practice under supervision.


(Post meeting information, Work party leadership including Michael Mitchell and Bob Pian to meet on January 11th to locate and finalize the work plan.)





Previous Meeting 5-22-2002 1:30 to 3:30 PM


Ted Harden and Bob Pian met with Papago Park staff including Park Manager, Kathi Reichert, and Park Rangers Frank Scherer and Vic Romo. 


Background: Papago is conveniently located to the population center of the Phoenix metro area.  The far east valley has the Maricopa County Usery Park.  The northwest valley has Ben Avery Shooting Facility operated by the AZ Game and Fish department.  Both these ranges charge adult fees to use.  Usery charges for children, too.  The Papago Park archery range is offered free of charge to all.


                     Papago Park has had a long history of support of target archery including usage by ASU and recreational archery of all types.  Recently Papago hosted open tournaments and Senior Olympics archery events.  The idea of starting and sustaining a youth archery program is strongly encouraged by the park leadership. 


AZJOAD offered a host of ideas for discussion including; weekend classes, practice sessions, Junior and Senior tournaments, volunteer range work parties, and fundraising.




AZJOAD:       If the ASAA/AZJOAD is to use the range effectively, wooden target stands, foam target butts, and associated equipment will need to be stored at the range.

Papago:        A locker container like a Mini Mobile unit would be fine.  (The description of the Ben Avery unit makes sense.)



AZJOAD:       We would like to hold weekend training classes.  The parking lot at the range should be of sufficient size.

Papago:        Have at it.  Contact the Rangers at (602) 262-4599 to coordinate with them.



AZJOAD:       Fund raising, can we do it?

Papago:        If the “club” is non-profit, funds can be collected in conjunction with the Park Foundation.  Funds can be collected and instructors, equipment and consumables paid for.  Proceeds can then be given and held by the Papago Park Foundation.  The Foundation will hold the funds and distribute at the request of the club.  There is no Foundation surcharge.



Papago:        The Park would like to establish a relationship with a youth archery club.  A formal relationship would include Papago Park as an additional insured (Million Dollar liability).  The Park has met with many groups through the years.  They tend to come and go.

AZJOAD:       We can get insurance certificates on a case-by-case basis.  We would love to be that club and earn the relationship.  Sustaining a program seems to be the biggest problem.  (As volunteers, we just now understand that growth is the only way to maintain success.   As one archer leaves you need to have two coming in.)



AZJOAD:       We would like to be a victim of our own success and have the problem of needing resources such as parking, port a toilets, electricity etc.

Papago:        With enough warning the park can work with the neighboring softball complex to help coordinate dates.  Avoid Spring Training in March!  The park can provide Portable Potties for tournaments.  You can bring and use your own generator.



AZJOAD:       Weekly classes would entail setting up the wood stands and butts.  This would mean moving the metal stands out of the way.

Papago:        The stands are really heavy.  Suggest you work around them weekly.  If the program flourishes perhaps the stands can be moved to the side.



Papago:        What if the west half of the range is set up for the drop in recreational archer using the existing Papago metal stand and bales?  This way the east half could be kept clear for the portable stands and butts.  The JOADs could then focus on “grooming” only half the range for the time being and drop in shooters can still shoot on the west half. 

AZJOAD:       A very workable idea.




AZJOAD:       The range needs some capital improvements. The most notable is a decomposed granite (2”-3”) layer to keep the rock buried.  We would like to seek donations for this and other improvements.  Can donors be named on signage recognizing their donation?  Can a backstop plywood wall be erected with donators indicated?  Can banners be put up during events to again recognized supporters?

Papago:        Yes.  Review the actual signage with the Park Rangers.  One goal should be shield the neighborhood (located to the north) from being able to see the signage.  Papago Park acknowledges the importance of donations from the business community.



Papago:        The park has been involved with many youth events.  Don’t be shy to ask hamburger and pizza restaurants for food donations from the business community.  You may even be able to find some donated heavy equipment time to make improvements.


Papago Park asked for a list of potential improvements and events.  Here is a post meeting priority list.


AZJOAD:       The ideas we have are plenty. 

1.    Groom the field to rake up rocks, shovel them into wheelbarrows and dump them in a location designated by the Rangers.  This would make a great scouting project. 

2.    Store 5 to 10 targets stands, butts and equipment on site for JOAD class use.  This could be brought by trailers, too.  Mickey Dye of the Mesa Targeteers JOAD has offered the use of her tournament trailer and equipment for just such a use.  FYI - It cost less than $2000 to locate a container at Ben Avery.

3.    Start practice classes for students that have their own bow and arrows, every third Sunday of the month.  Logistics can then be worked out, such as keeping water jugs full and locating the nearest restrooms.

4.    Cover 1/2 or all the field with 3/8” or 1/4” minus decomposed granite.  Color to be approved by Papago Park.  Note that the range does not receive an unusual amount of rainfall sheet flow so the “DG” should last.  Parks budget does not allow for such improvements at this time.

5.    Start weekly Saturday classes for ages 8 to18 JOADs.  (Post meeting information, Parents can’t help themselves to participate. This maybe the beginning of a Senior Olympic Archery Development, (SOAD) club.  There is a lot of quality time that can be spent as a child and a parent walk down to 50, 70 or 90 meters to retrieve arrows.) These weekly classes could start when the east valley JOAD clubs suspend operations for the bow hunters to have exclusive access to the indoor ranges.  Shut down is usually around August/September.  The challenge would be to find a location to store the bows and arrow.  Bows especially don’t do well in the heat of an un-air-conditioned storage locker.

6.    Papago Park will look into enhancing the safety perimeter when usage should dictate.

7.    Schedule some National Archery Association (NAA), Arizona State Archery Association (ASAA), or AZJOAD tournaments.  Survey the field and set permanent certified distances in meters.  Normal tournament stuff.

8.    Long-term improvements in no particular order.

·                 Drinking water plumbing

·                 Electricity

·                 Restrooms, including sewer.

·                 Lights for cool summer evening “night-shoots”.

·                 Permanent shade canopies

·                 More Parking

·                 Full fencing

9.  Ultimate goal.  Construct an international tournament archery range. 


AZJOAD:       Thank you for your time.  It was important to find out if Papago Park would encourage and be a partner in our goal to grow youth and senior target archery in Arizona.  The answer is a supportive yes.




Recorded by,

Bob Pian                                                   Ted Harden

2002 AZJOAD Coordinator                         ASAA/AZJOAD Communications/Webmaster

rpian@cox.net                                          tedharden@tedharden.com