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2003 ARizona cup

Joad and other Highlights


April 11 –14, 2003

Thank you List below


Whew, another Arizona Cup (2003).  The first USAT qualifying tournament of 2003 was a real JOAD affair too.  It was great to see so many JOAD from around the country join in with the nine Arizona JOADs and do some great things.


Friday, the event opened with Arizona’s own, Mary Frangos, playing the National Anthem on her clarinet.


Then most of the competitors took in about 4 hours of practice in “warm” weather after equipment inspection.  The JOADs were then invited to hang out a Fuddruckers Hamburger Restaurant that evening.  About a dozen took part for a little while before getting a good nights rest.


Almost 300 archers competed with two divisions shooting the AM and the other two in the PM. 


Saturday was still warm with the winds variable enough to make it challenging.  Some highlights were great food (Teriyaki Chicken) and prices, a parking lot that seemed to just be big enough, and best of all, lots of quality recurve and compound archery. 


Nancy Myrick ran a tight ship as the Director of Shooting with Mike Koistinen, the event organizer, who kept it lean, mean, and efficient. 


The team rounds took place Saturday afternoon right up to and after sunset.  About twenty teams took part.  Some Olympic and World Championship “Dream Teams” competed.  Junior teams made it to all four gold medal matches.  Wow!  Prize money was awarded.


Sunday was a bit cooler with winds growing stiffer.  The tourney clicked along until all four FITA divisions were completed.  There was not much time to relish the FITA finish as 64 female recurve archers stepped into the Olympic round followed immediately by 64 male recurve Olympic round.  Sunset fell as the last shoot off arrow was shot.  Seven Arizona JOADs made it to the Olympic Round. 


Monday began with the compound male 64 archer OR and female compound 32 archer OR.


The four division’s 16, 8 and 4 archer matches took place together.  Finally the recurve bronze matches took place side by side and then the gold medal matches.  The compound medal matches followed suit.  There were tournament cash awards for the OR winners and eye-catching trophies for the FITA winners.


Several junior archers including at least ˝ a dozen recurve JOADs achieved a Jr. USAT qualifying score.  Of particular note was the performance of Arizonans Brandon Hunt, Brady Ellison and Margaret Hargett, who are relatively new to JOAD target archery (but seasoned 3-Ders), and all had great “senior” tournaments.


By 5:00 PM the field was cleared, all the equipment put away and the gate closed on the 2003 Arizona Cup.


Here are some of the comments and thoughts after the 2003 Arizona Cup.


Archer comments and invited suggestions:

·               “Great tournament, well run, thanks”

·               Thanks for not gouging us on the concession prices!

·               Thank you for the picking a nice hotel as the headquarters and negotiating a great price.

·               (No comments at all on the port a potties which is a good thing,

except for that rattlesnake visit)


Ideas to toss around for next year:

·               Hold the tourney on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday allowing for many to be able to shoot the State Tourney the weekend before and only take up one week of vacation or holiday.  It also gives a little more time between the Cup and the Shootout.

·               Hold all the Olympic Rounds on the last day, giving more time to set the OR seeding.  Those that don’t make it can watch or enjoy an Arizona Sunday.

·               Shoot all the 32 archer OR division simultaneously thus reducing the archer down time.  It would also allow for unscheduled delays and insure that all shoot before sundown. (Simultaneous division elimination rounds will require 64 targets.  The current field only has 58 target spaces.)

·               Allow for unofficial practice early the first day, field preparation permitting.  This would allow those that fly in the night before something productive to do before the judges show up for the afternoon equipment inspection and official practice.

·               Let us on to the field earlier to start shooting to stay away from sunset.

·               Please make sure that the hotel offers frequent shuttles to and from the field and complementary breakfast to all.  An airport shuttle would be grea,t too.

·               Print the OR ranking/target assignments flow chart on the back of the OR score card.

·               Offer an Olympic ranking type (72 arrows at 70 meters) format.

·               Get a Netherlands flag.


Thank You List


The Arizona Cup is made possible by volunteers that are committed to hosting an archers tournament.  Here are the volunteers that I know of.  Please let me know of any others.

Jim Hamilton, Field crew and

the generous use of his air-conditioned trailer for scoring.

Art Baribault, Field

Wayne Davidson, Field

Bob Kortan, Field

Stewart Bowman, Field

Juli Witt, Tournament

Doug Witt, Field and Tournament

Jeremy Witt, Tournament

Alan Huff, Tournament

Teresa Huff, Tournament

Mack Huff, Tournament

Margie Stinson, Tournament, California

Andrew Stinson, Tournament, California

Tom Noblet, Tournament

Barbara Noblet, Scoring

Rob Mitchell, Field and Tournament

Mark Kauffman, Shirts

Corner Archery


Chas. Roberts Air Conditioning


The Officials

Neil Foster

Linda Cockrell

Tom Greene

Diane Tone

Nancy Myrick, DOS

Vivian Koistinen


The Resources

MJ Rogers

Tom Parrish

Lloyd Brown

Sheri Rhodes


Young Guns

“Jerry, David, Clint and Shane”, Field

Evelyn, for all around help

Heather and Scott for the delicious food at a great price.


The Arizona Game and Fish Department/ Ben Avery Shooting Facility/ Don Turner for doubling the parking lot size.


Special thank you to the folks that were able to shoot the

Arizona State Championships as Guests and practice with us all week including teams from:



The UK


The success of the 2003 event can be fully credited to

Mike and Vivian Koistinen for their unwavering commitment

 to the support of the archery community.


Our Arizona JOAD youths and their parents for supporting our future.

Ted Harden, we hope you return to 100% soon.


SSPW Architects scoring and leader board data crew,

a special thanks for their concentrated work effort

Amy Bryant

Matt Latka

Mark Davenport

Travis Irvine

Saul Ramirez

Chuy Ortega

Jeremy Bloomer

Carlos Murrieta


See you next year!


Arizona Cup 2004


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