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2003 Fall star fita


Dec. 13, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

Phoenix, Arizona


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Correction:  John Heffelfinger actually shot in Master +60 Recurve division and

should have been awarded first place in this division.  Our apologies.


The Arizona Fall STAR FITA was filled with great, weather, food, shooting and more for both Arizonans and guests from around the county.  The one-day FITA was held in the traditional order of longest to shortest distance with one line of mostly three archers per target.  Thirty archers competed as the flu and other illnesses kept at least four archers away from the event. 


The event was hosted by the Arizona JOAD Association and raised $400 towards any Arizona JOAD members that make the 2004 US Junior World Team.  (Arizona JOAD members will try and earn spots on the team in early June 2004). The US Junior team will compete in July of 2004 in Great Britain.  This brings the total funds collected so far to $800.  ($400 Fall Star FITA and $400, the Longbow Golf event.)


Weather:  The morning began with temperatures in the low 40’s, cold for most.  The calm, crisp morning air quickly gave way to very nice temperatures that reached into the mid 60’s.  Breezes rarely exceed the 2 to 3 mph range and many archers commented on how ideal the conditions were. 


Food:  The Papago FITA Archers celebrated its first year of improvements and activities at the Papago Park Archery Range by providing party sub sandwich, chips, veggie tray, bottled water, lunch, free of charge, to all the archers, spectators and volunteers.  The Papago Archers received many thanks for the generosity and convenience.  Special thanks goes out to ASAA Vice President, Barbara Noblet for coming up with the idea and making it happen.


Shooting:  PSE Tucson brought a number of “X Factor” archers.  Nine PSE team members (and/or) Alexander Kirillov coached archers competed.  Three US National Disabled Archery Team (USDAT) members scored Star FITA personal bests.  The scores advance the USDAT members ranking for 2004 Olympic competition position.  The City of Phoenix/Arizona State Archery Association/Papago FITA Archer range improvements made it possible for the USDAT to compete on the field with access provided by the newly installed decomposed granite ground cover and rental of an accessible port a pottie.


Guests:   The valley’s climate and hospitality were irresistible to archers from around the county. 

Guests came from chilly Montana and Wyoming including the #1 ranked US Olympic style woman, Jennifer Nichols.  The USDAT came from across the country. 


(Many USDAT members are armed services veterans.  As they enjoyed the freedom and pursuit of happiness at the Arizona Fall Star FITA,  American armed forces captured Sadam Hussein in Iraq.)


Fun:  The USDAT participations and fast pace of the event pressed many volunteers into service.  Laura Davis, Matt Latka and A. Ron Carmichael retrieved arrows and assisted in scoring.  They received a great sense of accomplishment knowing their help is valued and appreciated. 

The event flew by quickly pushed along by the short winter daylight.  The event organizers were quite pleased to hear many sincere thanks from archers for making the event welcoming.


More:  The Papago FITA archers are looking forward to hosting a variety of tournament style events on a monthly basis.  Many will be ˝ day events that are very beginner friendly. 


Tourney Stats:

Set up 6:00 AM

Check in and Equipment inspection 8:00 AM

Official Practice 8:30 AM

National Anthem Karl Keranen

1st distance 9:30 AM

2nd distance 10:30 AM

1 hour sandwich lunch 12:00 noon

3rd distance 1:00 PM

Last distance 2:30 PM

Equipment take down and storage 4:00 PM

Score cards completed 4:30 PM

Awards 4:45 PM


The Arizona JOAD Association sincerely appreciates the archers and volunteers help.  Before the event George Frangos and John Howland took care of such things and the rubber skirting installation and lane stripping.  The Noblet, Panawa, Toback and Richardson families helped out during  the event.  DOS Mike Koistinen ran an effective and efficient event. 


EVERYONE helped set up and put away.


Thank you all!




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