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March 7-9, 2003

National / Regional Indoor Target Championships

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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Arizona JOAD were driven or flown from the Phoenix valley, Tucson, or Payson to Albuquerque NM for the 2003 JOAD and National Regional Indoor Championship Tournaments.  The New Mexico Roadrunners, the host club, secured great hotel rates for the participants.  The first event was the Friday night National JOAD Indoor Regional championship where Bowman and Cub Recurve archers use a 60-cm face.  The 600 round practice began at 5:45 PM and the tourney was over by 10:00 PM.  Approximately 60 JOADs competed.  By the sounds of it, the 13 Arizona JOADs had a good time. 


The New Mexico Roadrunners hosted a great regional tournament in a double basketball gymnasium with a vinyl tile floor at Eagle Ridge Middle School, perfect.  They had 16-52” target bales set up with 30” shooting lanes, four rows of ample seating for archers and spectators as well as bow stands.  There was also an equipment room to set up and take down equipment.  The club also had a fine food, snack and commemorative tee shirt concession stand.  Score cards were turned in at the lobby table to avoid the hustle and bustle for the range and there was a TV playing children’s videos out there too.  It was nice to escape to the lobby to get away from it all at times.


Back to the tourney.  The Rio Rancho tourney does a much-appreciated job of encouraging the JOADs.  On Saturday they gave out handmade artwork trophies of a decorative leather native “quivers” for the JOAD tourney.  Last year recipients received a “bow” and the previous year, an arrow.  Every JOAD that competed Friday won a trophy.  Almost all of the Arizona JOADs finished well.  A very noticeable group of JOADs was from Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Their 15 JOADs and parents wore logo silk-screened white polo shirts every day and were very impressive.  The Tucson Precision JOAD Shooters were equally impressive with their embroidered shirts. 


National Regional Indoor Championship Tournament:

On Saturday and Sunday both seniors and JOADs competed side by side in the National Championship.  About 100 archers participated in morning, afternoon and evening shooting times.  One of the interesting things was to see traditional longbow and barebow shot.  (A good way to shoot with your JOAD without “competing” against them is for the parent to shoot a completely different type of bow.)  Most notable was the help provided by the dedicated Roadrunner Club parent volunteers.  


On Saturday the mood was a bit more serious as US Archery Team, Jr. US Archery Team and junior and senior national championships are at stake.  A notable difference for young Bowmans and Cubs is that all must shoot a 40-cm face.


Sunday was more of the same.  Many shot the morning line to be able to drive back home on Sunday afternoon.  The Sunday evening line had only four archers.  The Roadrunner host club awarded first, second and third place award “quivers” by sunset.  AZJOAD accepted most of the JOADs quivers won by Arizonan’s and will have them delivered to the winners through the Arizona JOAD network.


Thank you Roadrunners for a model National Regional Indoor Championship tourney.  We expect more archers at the Rio Rancho Regionals as the word gets out just how nice the tourney is run.  Feel free to email with any questions about the Rio Rancho tourney from an Arizona JOAD perspective.  Hope to see you there.


We always learn something at every tournament:

1.             Remember the largest arrow allowed by the NAA is 2312.  This is particularly important right after the NFAA Vegas shoot and it is very easy to forget.

2.             Have a back-up laptop, printer and printer ink along with enough paper.

3.             Remember that the tourney starts with registration and practice.  Be sure to come well prepared before either begins.

4.             FITA wear means no bare midriffs at full draw and no levis among other things.

5.             Spectators should always ask permission from a Judges before going down range to take a picture.

6.             Adult help in scoring for Bowmans is always appreciated.

7.             Focus on the good shots, don’t give a moments thought about the other shots.

8.             Each tournament is practice for the next one.





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