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Papago Park Success



December 2003


After eighteen months of planning and improvements the Papago FITA Archers have become a reality at the City of Phoenix Papago Park Sports Complex Archery Range.  



Achievements include:

·         General range clean up with the help of Park rangers, volunteers and the Sheriffs chain gang.

·         A City of Phoenix storage unit is in place to store archery equipment at the range.  (Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation Grant)

·         City of Phoenix Archery target archery equipment including 52” white tail foam target matts and wooden target stands are available for use. (Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation Grant)

·         The range have been marked, staked and lined for FITA practice, training and tournaments. (Papago FITA Archers Volunteers)

·         Decomposed Granite ground cover is in place for dust control and has saved many an arrow.  (Phoenix Street Transportation Department and the Arizona State Archery Association)

·         Rubber skirting is about to be installed at the end of the range to prevent the arrows from hitting the rocks. (skirting provided by Mel Nichols, Pineapple Archery)

·         The City of Phoenix and Papago Archers have located a port a toilet on site. (Papago Park)

·         A Tourism and Sports Authority youth sport grant has been applied for.  The grant request includes outdoor range improvements and an indoor range.  (Papago FITA Archers Volunteers)

·         Archery tournaments are taking place at least once a month.(Papago FITA Archers Volunteers)

·         Free standing practice Target Bales are in the process of being installed (Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation Grant)


Events to date include:

·         National Archery Association ˝ FITAs. (April-September 2003)

·         National Archery Association Olympic Qualifier. (September 2003)

·         Duel in the Desert Training (October 2003)

·         Introduction to Archery sponsored by the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department (November 2003)

·         National Field Archery Association “International Round” Tournament  (November 2003)

·         City of Phoenix Senior Olympic Fall Tournament  (November 2003)

·         International Fall Star FITA (December 2003) Click here for more info. Event participants included the US National Disabled Archery Team and the Female Cadet, Junior and Senior USA Olympic style target archery champions.


Most importantly weekly lessons, practice and training take place each Saturday morning (of non event weekends) and include use of club bows and arrows.  Everyone ages eight to eighty are invited to participate.


Many more events are in the works for 2004 including use of the range for practice and training for the Arizona Cup.


The progress to date is due to the work of the Papago FITA Archers “Charter Member” family volunteers and the City of Phoenix Papago Park:

·         George Frangos

·         John Howland

·         Barbara Noblet

·         Nic Panawa

·         Bob Pian

·         Rockne Repp


These volunteers are all NAA Level 2 Certified Coach Instructors and make the archery improvements at Papago Park available weekly.  More improvements are needed including; water, electricity, permanent shade, permanent restroom and an air-conditioned secure storage room.  Let us know if you can help.



Bob Pian

AZJOAD Coordinator

8681 East Via De Negocio

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

602 228-0465




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