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2003 ASAA Indoor


FEB. 15 AND 16, 2003



Tucson, AZ


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The 2003 Arizona State Indoor Championship was another chance for Arizona’s JOADs to compete, this time in a two-day 1200 round.


Six JOADs from the Phoenix area and seven JOADs from the Tucson area competed along side the seniors and masters.  The NAA tournamnet is challenging because everyone shoots a 40cm face. 


Back to run the event were Kathy Greene, Precision JOAD Shooter parents and PSE JOAD Coach Alexander.  Mike Koistinen, ASAA President, officiated along with Kathy Greene as the Director of Shooting.


There were 48 total competitors.  The Saturday morning “line” practice began at 7:30 am and the afternoon “line” started at 1:00 pm after a 45-minute lunch for the tournament staff.  The pm line shooting was highlighted by Michael Mitchell, Cadet recurve, “Robin-hooding” his arrows.  Michael robin-hooded his arrows last year at the National Regional Indoor Championship in Rio Rancho, NM also.  Needless to say, nice group.


The ASAA annual board meeting took place Saturday evening immediately after the shoot.

Alan Huff was elected to the board and will “steward” five AZJOAD/ASAA 52” whitetail target butts for use in Tucson.  John Howland and Barbara Noblet, Vice President, were also elected.  All three new board members along with the continuing board members express strong support for JOAD.


On day two, the top scoring competitors competed head to head on the shooting time.  The range became very serious.  By the end of the day (5:00pm) there was great relief at the end of the 120 arrow competition.  Several ASAA Indoor Championship JOAD records were broken.  Each and every JOAD can be proud of their effort an participation.


Thank you PSE JOAD for hosting the tourney.







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