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2003 ASAA Outdoor championship



April 5th and 6th, 2003

Ben Avery FITA Event Range, Phoenix Arizona

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The 2003 Arizona State Archery Association Outdoor Championship was held first under cool and quite windy conditions followed by a classic Arizona spring day.  Fourteen AZJOAD’s joined seventy-four seniors and guests including international team members from Canada and Denmark.  The twenty-four guests were eager to participate in preparation for the following week’s Arizona Cup.  This gave our AZJOAD the unique opportunity to “play” with some local and out-of-state internationally ranked archers.


The Star FITA was a traditional two-day tournament with the long distances shot on the first day and the short distances on the second day, just like the AZ Cup.  Concession included grilled hotdogs, hamburgers and an Arizona favorite, Teriyaki Chicken.  Breakfast burritos were a welcome morning meal.


Tournament winners included:

·         Stewart Bowman compound male champion using his own Bowman Accu-Riser II. 

·         Becky Pearson won the compound female championship.

·         Brooke Rosania, Former JOAD, won the recurve female championship.

·         Jerry Borum, Former JOAD, won the recurve male championship. 

·         Check the tournament results of all the participants including the AZJOADs.


A highlight of the event turned out to be an impromptu Olympic Round held after the FITA round.  The archers including the international guests joined in with women and men competing head to head.  Seeding was based on the tournaments 36 arrow 70 meter round score. The Recurve OR started with 32 positions while the compound archer’s OR competition began with 16 positions.   


When the OR Dust cleared, Dennis Bager of Denmark took the recurve Gold while Magnock archer, Gary Funnel, of the UK won the compound OR.  Along the way the AZJOADs had some serious fun.   Maggie Huff was defeated by Michael Mitchell who then bowed out to Denis Bager.  Mary Frangos made it to the sweet 16 only to be taken out by US Olympian Ed Eliason. 

Lindsay Pian made it to the great eight and shot against the eventual OR winner Dennis Bager.

Brandon Hunt shot against Mark Penaz and that was enough to end Brandon’s day. 


By the way there was that another highlight.  On day one, during the second distance, a dust devil up rooted a canopy and proceeded to dump it on the DOS stand.  This all happened with little warning as some observed the dust devil formed right above the field.  Janice Price, Mike Koistinen and Director of Shooting Nancy Myrick were in the direct path for the dust devil uprooted canopy and miraculously escaped injury.  Every one pitched in to clear the debris.  With the canopy re-staked, Nancy got things going again in quick fashion.  Lesson?  Make sure that your target stand is staked down, your target matt is anchored firmly and your scorecard clipboard is face down.


Note that in preparation for the AZ Cup, Arizona holds its Arizona State Outdoor Championship the weekend before the Cup and its Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship the weekend before the State Outdoor.  JOADs, seniors and guests are encouraged to compete in both preparatory events.  Both are Star FITAs.


Serious Fun…



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