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2003 State JOAD Indoor Championship




February 8th, 2003

PSE JOAD, Tucson, Arizona


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Twenty-three Arizona JOADs competed in this year’s indoor championship.  Kathy Greene, PSE JOAD parent volunteers and PSE JOAD Coach Alexander, hosted the event that went off without a hitch.  Parents assisted in the Bowman scoring process and kept the tournament moving smoothly.  The PSE JOADs looked very smart on the shooting line in their matching team shirts!

Practice began at 10 AM with the Tournament beginning promptly at 11 AM.  A one-hour lunch was taken between 300 rounds.  The awards ceremony was complete and families were packed up and heading home by 4:30 PM.  Most had tired smiles on their faces.  Please join me in thanking PSE and PSE JOAD for hosting our 2003 State JOAD Indoors Championship!

For approximately one third of the JOADs, it was their first tournament, which is very encouraging for the growth of Arizona Junior Olympic Archery Development.

High 600 scores:

·            Maggie Huff, Female Recurve 

·            Ryan Davis, Male Recurve

·            April Witt, Female Compound

·            Rocky Repp, Male Compound (in his first archery tournament.)

For next time…

There was no team round due to a lack of interest.  We would like to see team rounds re-instated, as they are good experience for national and world competition.

For Tournament organizers, some reminders: 

·            The year of birth listed on the entry form to determine JOAD classification was very helpful.  For example for 2003:

Bowman (born in 1991, 1992, 1993 or 1994) 

Cub (born in 1989 or 1990)

Cadet (born in 1987 or 1988)                        

Junior  (born in 1985 or 1986)


·            Consider providing the 40cm target face choices on the entry form to assist the tournament organizers in lane assignments.

40cm 10 ring, 40cm Vertical 3 spot, 40 cm triangle 3 spot, (all 60cm target competitors will use a 60cm 10 ring target.

·            Team Round: Consider providing a team competition sign up option on the form which will allows the JOADs to choose to be on a team or request that they be put on a team once at the tourney.  The team competition should be “free” to encourage participation.

·           Consider printing out maps to local fast food outlets and their phone numbers for to go orders.  Parents, consider sending a parent out early for food so that your archer can eat right after the mid way scoring.



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