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AZJOAD outdoor championship

Ben Avery FITA Range, Phoenix, Arizona


March 29, 2003

PHOTOS              RESULTS             New AZ State Records

Twenty Arizona JOADs competed in this year’s AZJOAD Outdoor Championship.  The Harden family hosted the one-day event with the help of AZJOAD parent volunteers.  The Hardens prepared archer welcome bags that are always well received and appreciated.


This year sixteen seniors also participated as guests for a warm-up to the Arizona State Outdoor Championship and the AZ Cup.


The day started out chilly with gusty winds from the north.  The wind conditions changed through-out the day in intensity and direction.  It was warm and still by the end of the day.  This year those that shot adult distances had a chance to compete in a modified Olympic round for prize money.


The one-day FITA was run quickly with all the archers shooting on one line.  The Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship was the first NAA outdoor target tournament for seven JOADs.  A 45-minute lunch was taken after the second distance.  Kool Treats offered hot dog and hamburger meals.


The final scoring tabulation was a challenge with only five of the twenty JOAD scorecards totaled correctly.  In spite of the math errors, trophies were awarded once the “winners” were established.


In the mean time, the 2003 Rio Rancho Indoor National Regional “quiver” awards were presented to the 12 AZJOAD’s and 3 seniors in attendance.   AZJOAD also awarded guest recurve and guest compound trophy/plaques.


The Olympic round was exciting and the new AZJOAD timing system performed well.



·   Yeoman, Demokritos Frangos finished his first FITA.

·   Margaret Hargett posted the high compound in her first outdoor target tournament.

·   Mary Frangos had the high recurve score.

·   Lindsay Pian achieved a Jr. US Archery Team qualifying score.

·   Having a food concessionaire on site makes the event much better and convenient.

·   Olympic round Compound $30 winner, Jon Brewington.

·   Olympic round Recurve $30 winner, Foster Gorman.

·   Officiating crew consisted of Mike Koistinen, Bob Pian and Alan Huff.

·   New state records were set.

·   Playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the beginning was much appreciated.


For next time…

There was no team round due to a lack of time and frankly, we were all really tired.

There were some sun-burns evident.


Tournament organizer reminders: 

· Explain the scorecard to the JOADs.

· Have the JOADs and/or their parents check the total score with a calculator at lunch and at the end of the tourney.

· AZJOAD provided a $1 off meal deal coupon that helped sell meals.




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