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2003 Grand Canyon STate GAmes


March 15, 2003


The first 2003 outdoor target archery tournament for Arizona Juniors was the Grand Canyon State Games, held at Ben Avery on Saturday March 15th.  It was an American 900 round.


Participants received GCSG shirts.


Ten youths competed along with 34 seniors.  The tournament was very relaxed allowing the new kids to get a taste of an outdoor tournament and the experienced kids a chance to work on their form.  It was good to get outdoors again and the overcast sky made for an ideal day.  A light breeze allowed all to really feel the difference between indoors and outdoors.


Thanks to Rob Asay for organizing and running a smooth event. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals were given out to the winners, emblazoned with the Grand Canyon State Games logo.


JOAD tournament medalists should show their medals at their JOAD club shoots.


The next few weeks are full of tourneys for JOADs.

First, the Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship on March 29th.

Then the Arizona State Outdoor Championship on April 5th and 6th.

JOADs are welcome and encouraged to participate in both tournaments.

Hope to see you there.






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