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Year in review


Dec. 21, 2003


Here is a short list of JOAD events, activities and accomplishments in 2003.

It was a great year and will serve as a foundation for improving success in the future.


The Arizona State Archery Association JOAD Coordinator position is up for election at the 2004 ASAA Outdoor Championship.  The Coordinator’s main responsibility is to communicate with the membership to let them know of events and/or how they can help.  Email greatly enhances the speed and ease of communication.


The position is open to any Arizona member of the NAA that would like to grow the sport of target archery in Arizona on a youth level.  Please contact us if you are interested in the position or would like to just hear more about it.



·         Three Arizona JOADs competed at the World Indoor Championship US Team Trials at James Madison University in Virginia.

·         Papago Park Archery Range is cleaned up by volunteers and striped for tourneys.



·         Twenty JOADs competed in the Arizona JOAD 600 round Indoor Championship held at PSE

·         Thirteen JOADs competed with the seniors at the Arizona State Archery Association Indoor 1200 round Championship held at PSE.

·         Ten Arizona JOADs competed at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.



·         Thirteen Arizona JOADs compete in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and the JOAD and NAA Indoor Nationals.

·         April Witt and Jessica Grant compete in the World Indoor Championships in Nimes, France.

·         Ten youths competed in the one day Grand Canyon State Games 900 round at Ben Avery  (Metric distances if all remember correctly)

·         Twenty JOADS competed in the Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship, one day FITA at Ben Avery.



·         Fifteen JOADs including a Canadian Junior champion competed in the 2-day FITA Arizona State Outdoor Championship at Ben Avery and that also included an impromptu Olympic Round.

·         Arizona bestowed its Toxophilite Award to Mike Koistinen and Janice Price, both stellar JOAD supporters.

·         JOADs from around the US and Canada compete at the adult distance AZ Cup at Ben Avery, including several members of the Jr US Archery Team.

·         Inaugural FITA at Papago Park thanks to $5K grant from the Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation.



·         Jr US Archery Team Fitness run held at Coronado HS in Scottsdale.

·         Regular practice begins at the Papago Park Archery Range.

·         Two Round Robin 70 meter tournaments are held at Ben Avery.



·         Arizona Jr US Archery Team members competed in the US National World Team Trials in Chula Vista, a senior event.

·         Three Arizona JOADs competed in the Jr USAT qualifying tournament in Illinois.

·         Fifteen Arizona JOADs competed outside Arizona in the JOAD National Championship in Denver Colorado.  This is the largest number of Arizona JOADs to compete nationally outside Arizona.

·         Ted Harden is elected to the post of NAA Western Region JOAD Coordinator.

·         Four Arizona members of the 2003 Jr USAT team traveled to the Colorado Spring Olympic Training Center for a week long Jr USAT training camp.



·         Seven complete the NAA Level 2 Coach/Instructor Class.

·         Eight AZJOADs were featured on TV 3’s Good Morning Arizona.

·         Four Arizona JOADs take part in the National Target Championships in Reading PA.



·         Lindsay Pian and April Witt earn positions on the Jr US Archery Team for 2004.

·         Whew! Time to take a breather, but keep practicing.



·         ˝ FITA and Olympic Qualifier at Papago attracts over 30 archers.



·         Fifteen Arizona JOADs compete in the Duel in the Desert Trials at Ben Avery.

·         Six Arizona JOADs competed in Long Beach as part of the Arizona Duel in the Desert Team.



·         The Papago Park Archery Range is paved with decomposed granite thanks to the Phoenix Street Transportation Department and the Arizona State Archery Association.

·         AZ Game and Fish Department trains National Archery in the Schools instructors in Gilbert.

·         AZJOAD raises $400 for the 2004 US National Jr World Teams travel expenses at the opening of the Long Bow Golf course in Mesa.



·         The Adam Wheatcroft Memorial Benefit Indoor 600 at Archery Headquarters in Chandler raises $200 for the James Madison University Archery program.

·         One-Day Fall Star FITA at Papago Park fills the field to capacity and raises $400 for the 2004 US National Jr World Team.



Lots of activities are planned for the up coming year beginning in January including:

·         Level 2 Instructor/Coach class

·         18M/25M shoot to be held outdoors at Papago Park.

·         AZJOAD State Indoor Championship will be held at PSE in Tucson



Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


Bob Pian

AZJOAD Coordinator

8681 East Via De Negocio

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

602 228-0465





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