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March 1, 2003



(l to r) Jodi, Walt, Allen, Nicole, Ashley, Ed, Cassandra, John, Jessi, Lindsay, Annie, Ted2, Mary, Harold, Darren, Loren, Dovell


The AZJOAD 600 program continues to roll on at Whitetail Outdoors.  This time it was held at the same time as the Senior games.  In spite of the scheduling conflict, 17 archers participated in the event earmarked as a National Regional Indoor practice tourney.  Kids younger than 50 need to shoot, too.


For two JOADs it was their first practice tourney. Ribbons were passed out for the February call-in shoot.  Harold Rush always has something interesting to do and shot bare bow for the first 300 round and long bow for the second 300.


The scoring began before 9:00 and a 15 minute break was taken between 300 rounds.  Did I mention that Whitetail shares the commercial center with an authentic German deli?  They make great sandwiches and deli meats!


Time permitted most to shoot a three arrow Olympic round, great practice.   No favoritism was given as the recurves and barebows shot against the compounds.  In spite of the seeming disparity between bows type, two, one arrow shoot offs were played out.  2003 Arizona State Indoor Champion, Allen Rasor was the last man left standing, congratulations Allen.


A drawing was held to win back your entry fee.  Congratulations to Walt Smith who got to shoot for free.


Next time I need to be sure to ask someone to help the Bowmans with scoring, please remind me.


By Bob Pian,

AZJOAD Coordinator, Arizona Archery Association.


(Bob can be found officiating the event from time to time)



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