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Papago Park Range Improvements



April 10, 2003

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Papago Park Archery Range New Storage Unit



The Papago range is ready for action!


Target matts, stands, faces, pins, stakes and flags are ready to set up for practice, training and tourneys.  All thanks to the Phoenix and Conservation Foundation and Phoenix Papago Park.


Volunteers are ready to get things going.  So far, John Howland, Barbara Noblet, and Loren Braud have signed up to start things.  Tentative times are Wednesday afternoons, Saturday Mornings and Tuesday or Thursday mornings at dawn.  Let us know if you would like to help or just shoot and what times would be best for you.


Serious Fun…


Courtesy of

The Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation Grant



Thank you, Kathy Reichert, Papago and Camelback Mountain Park Manager,

 for securing this grant for the archery community.


Email to volunteer.



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