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Measured distances at Papago Park




·         The range was striped on Sunday January 26, 2003

·         A shooting line and three-meter line have been striped.

·         Distance lines have been added at 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 90 meters. 

·         These are all the distances that are shot by NAA JOADs, NAA Seniors and the Grand Canyon State Games.

·         Three double lanes were added down the middle of the range. 

·         This will allow target archers to bring their own target stand and bale to the range for practice.

·         On the east side of the range are excelsior bales located at 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 meters

·         The west side of the range is in yards.





Papago Park Successful Clean-up



Jan. 18, 2003


The weather was perfect!  75 degrees in January!



      Included a Senior Olympic competitor that is looking forward to increased range use.  Fanning and company that just broke three arrows the day before and wanted to help make the range a more arrow friendly place.  The balance of the crew included the Harden’s, Mitchell’s, Noblet’s, Howland’s, Brindley’s, Mark Kauffman, Saul Ramirez and the Pian’s. 


      Special thanks to Ranger Frank Scherer for coming in on his day off to sanction and lead the event.  Frank brought extra rakes and shovels that were a big help.

      (Please let me know if you would like a certificate or signature for community service hours.)



      About a half of the long range area was raked clear of rocks.  Leaf rakes, flat bottom shovels, wheel barrows and an innovative “rake rocks onto a tarp” method proved all to be very productive.

      There is now a middle section of the range that is ideal for setting up tournament type target stands and matts for practice.


Other Efforts:

      While the majority of the crew raked, the range was measured and reference ropes laid out.  The Parks bales were returned to their original padlocked positions with yards on the west side and meters on the east site. 


      Two redwood 2x4 target stands were built and some target flags have now been stenciled with AZ JOAD. 


      The trees were pruned up and the cuttings disposed of.


Range Size:

      The shooting line was measured to be 130 feet wide and the range is at least 100 meters deep.  For tournaments, 20 FITA target bales and a single line of 40 archers can be accommodated. 


Lunch and Shooting:

      At mid-day, many stayed for BBQ hot dogs provided by AZ JOAD.  Three AZJOAD target matts and stands were set up and we shot for an hour or so with the club bows and arrows.


There is still more work to be done:

·         Rake up and remove more rocks.

·         Fix up the bow stands. (Or build new ones)

·         Use a piece of earth moving equipment for major grading.

·         A very special project survey the distances and adjusting the permanent target anchors if necessary.   This will create more space for portable target stand use.


The work is ideal for a Boy Scout troop or eagle scout project.


(Note that the range is tentatively available for another clean up effort on

Saturday, February 1st, 2003)


Thanks everyone for the support. 



AZJOADs happily working at Papago Park under the watchful eye of the

JOAD Coordinator.  Notice the new team uniforms.  Didn’t NAA say one vertical stripe?


By Bob Pian, AZJOAD Coordinator


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