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As of September 24th, 2003
Thirty-four JOAD and Senior archers are signed up for the September 27th ˝ FITA and Olympic Qualifying style round at Papago Park.

Two spots at 70m remain.  Ladies???

Remember to mail your check to AZJOAD as park rules do not allow payment to be made at the Papago range. 

Warning, the range is rocky and missed arrows can be damaged, be sure to have sight settings before you get to the range.
Confirmed for
Papago Tourney Sept 27th
E = email confirmed
P = paid

E John Webster, Senior Compound 
E David Miller, Senior Compound
E Mark Kauffman, Senior Compound
P Sean Stephens, Senior Recurve
P George Frangos, Senior Recurve
P John Howland Master Recurve
P Jeff Milyard, Senior Compound
P Robert Kortan, Master Compound
P Stewart Bowman, Senior Compound
P Walt Smith, Senior Compound
P Rob Asay, Senior Compound
P Allen Rasor, Senior
E Stephen Lloyd, Master Compound 
P John McCurry, Senior Compound 
P Brandon Hunt Junior Compound
P Mel Nichols, Senior Compound
P Brady Ellison, Junior Compound
P Dave Aprea, Master Recurve
E Jessi Grant Senior Compound
P Jody Smith Senior Compound
P Nicole Rasor, Senior Recurve
P Barbara Noblet, Senior Recurve
P Lindsay Pian, Senior Recurve
P Maggie Huff, Junior Recurve
P Mary Frangos, Cadet Recurve
E Robyn Repp, Cub Compound
P Chris Panawa, Cub Recurve
P Dovell Toback, Cub Compound
E Rocky Repp, Bowman Compound
P Madelyn Reynolds, Beginner Recurve
P Katelyn Stephens Yeoman Recurve
P Demokritos Frangos Yeoman Recurve
P Olivia Howland Yeoman Recurve
P Sean McClellan Beginner Recurve
15 10 15 10

12 targets total

Papago ˝ FITA Practice Tournament & Olympic Qualifier

A NAA Sanctioned Tournament

Updated September 23, 2003

Aerial Photo of Range within Park


Hosts:         The Papago FITA Archers and AZJOAD are looking forward

                  to hosting this event.


Archers:     JOAD, NAA Senior and newcomer target archers are welcome.


Shoot:        Morning ˝ FITA, 18 arrows at each FITA or JOAD distance.

                  Afternoon Olympic Qualifier, 72 arrows @ 70meters or

                  JOAD longest distance

                  We use Whitetail 52” tournament target bales on wood stands.


Where:       Papago Park Archery Range in Phoenix,

                  NW of McDowell Rd. and Galvin Parkway (64th St.).


When:        Saturday  September 27th, 2003.

7 AM          Self-Serve Setup and Practice.

8 AM          ˝ FITA, 18 arrows at each of the 4 distances.

Approx. Noon          Lunch Break – Extra time will be allowed if needed for restroom break.

Approx. 1 PM          72 Arrows, Olympic Qualifier, 12-six arrow ends @ one distance.


How:          ˝ FITA, 18 arrows at each FITA / JOAD distance.

                  Olympic Qualifier: 12-six arrow ends at 70 meters for Senior,

                  70/60/50/30/20 for JOAD.


Archers and family members to set up and take down bales, flags targets, etc.  Bring a chair, shade canopy, water, beverages, snacks and food.


There will be a portable potty on site! 


Rules/Dress Code: NAA / FITA dress code & membership is required for those shooting for an official score or for JOAD achievement awards, optional for others (but recommended). Standard NAA / FITA tournament / range / scoring rules will be in effect.


How Much:  Senior/Masters:            $15.00 includes both rounds

                     JOAD:                        $10.00 includes both rounds

                                                      There are NO park or range fees!


Distances               FITA                             OR Distance

90, 70, 50, 30                70
70, 60, 50, 30                70

60, 50, 40, 30                60

50, 40, 30, 20                50
30, 25, 25, 20                30

15, 10, 15, 10*               15  not an official class, for beginner youth


Space is limited, as only one line will be shot.

Up to three archers per target, 12 targets.  (We just can’t say “No”)


How to sign up: By pre-registration only, there will be no registration at the event.


Please email us at azjoad@cox.net to preregister and include:

·         Your Name

  • Division and Distances you want to shoot
  • Bow Type


After you are email confirmed, please snail mail payment & waiver to:


8681 E. Via De Negocio

Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Waiver link

Please fill out waiver and mail together with payment