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AZJOAD results at the joad nationals


June 27-29, 2003

Denver, Colorado


Complete Results


The JOAD National Championship tournament leader board kept track of the standings at after every six arrows.  This made for an exciting time watching the leaders.  The two-day FITA determined the JOAD National Champion.  On Sunday Olympic Rounds (OR) matches decided the Junior US Open championship.  The O.R.s are shot at 70 meters for the Juniors and Cadets and 50 meters for the Cubs.  Unfortunately the weather canceled the Recurve US Open competition at the quarterfinals.  By the end of the tourney, five AZJOADs had won medals.



competed in the two day FITA shooting 20, 25, 25 and 30 meters.  It was the first JOAD Nationals for all of these Arizona JOADs.  Here is how they ended up:


Corinna Ramirez*, Bowman Recurve

Corinna and family were all smiles as she held her own against National competition and won 5th place.  Corinna is a PSE JOAD.


Philip Cannon*, Bowman Recurve 

Philip stayed high on the leader board and eventually finished in 6th place in the reverse FITA.   Philip is one of the many PSE JOADs.


Mack Huff*, Bowman Recurve

Mack from PSE JOAD, had a wild ride smiling all the way.  Mack will take some valuable lessons back to home with him.  He finished 13th.


Rocky Repp*, Bowman Compound

Rock took on the tournament only to have the high altitude claim him victim.  In spite of Rock’s first day sickness, Rock came back and competed on day two and was able to make a top ten finish at 9th place.  Bowman Character!



shoot the FITA as well as the US Open Olympic Round.  For three of the five Arizona JOAD Cubs, it was their first JOAD Nationals.  Cub distances are 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters.


Mary Frangos, Cub Recurve, Silver Championship Medalist

Mary moved up to the Cub division this year.  Mary was near the top of the leader board all day and eventually secured FITA 2nd place.  Congratulations!  Mary was competing in the quarterfinal OR matches before the weather cancelled the Recurve US Open. 


Robyn Repp*, Cub Compound, Silver Championship Medalist

Outstanding! Robin came in 2nd place in her first National competition having limited previous competition.  Solid practice paid off.


Kerry Wais*, Cub Compound

Kerry was just getting into the groove of things when she ran into some equipment issues.  Luckily, she was able to put on an old familiar piece of equipment and shoot on.  She was able to finish in 7th place.  Kerry is a great volunteer at Mesa Targeteers in Chandler and we look forward to seeing her back at JOAD Nationals next year.


Chris Panawa*, Cub Recurve

Chris knew he would be up against very tough competition in a field of 28 and focused on a personal best performance.  He did it, Super!  Chris looks forward to continued success.


Ryan Davis, Cub Recurve, Bronze Championship Medalist

Ryan moved up to the Cub Division this year and competed against some other well-prepared JOADs.  Ryan eventually came in 3rd place.  Another high finish for PSE JOAD.  Ryan’s OR matches were also canceled.



shoot 30, 50, 60, and 70 meters, which is also the senior women’s distances.


Maggie Huff*, Cadet Recurve

Maggie competed as a new Cadet and after a stellar indoor performance.  Maggie stayed on the leader board and finished in 5th place.  A great first time JOAD Nationals finish by another high top ten finish for PSE JOAD.


Brady Ellison*, Cadet Compound

Brady is a “Pineapple Archer” has been working hard just like all the Arizona JOADs.  He shot against 23 others in his division.  Brady came in 4th place in the FITA. Outstanding and just outside of the medal placement. 


Lindsay Pian**, Cadet Recurve, Gold Championship Medalist

Lindsay won the JOAD Championship in her division.  Lindsay’s quarterfinal OR matches were also canceled. Good shooting AZJOAD. 



shoot the same as Senior male distances of 30, 50, 60 and 90 meters and the Senior women’s distances are 30, 50, 60 and 70 meters.  These competitors are just a step away from the senior “game”.  Keep an eye out for them.


Aprilyn Witt**, Junior Compound, Gold US Open Medalist

Aprilyn had to endure an equipment failure, but finished well in 4th place for the FITA.  Undaunted, Aprilyn took on the OR and won Gold in the Jr. US Open.  Congratulations April.


Brandon Hunt*, Junior Compound

Brandon is a “Pineapple Archer”.  The competition was furious in the Junior Compound Division.  Brandon was able to achieve a Jr. USAT qualifying score and a top 10 finish.  He ended up in 8th Place.  Congratulations Brandon.  Keep an eye out for this determined JOAD in the future.


Ted Harden 2**, Junior Recurve

As a “veteran” JOAD, the competition was very tough as the 90-meter male shooters focused on the 2004 Olympics.


 After the event, Ted and the rest of his Jr. US Archery Team members, April Witt,  Lindsay Pian, and Jessica Grant traveled directly to the Jr. USAT camp in Colorado Springs.


*   First time to the JOAD Nationals

** Jr. USArchery team member.


All of Arizona’s AZJOAD did well!  Please congratulate all of them including the PSE JOADs, Pineapple Archers, and Mesa Targeteers when you see them. 


By Bob Pian

Arizona State JOAD Coordinator, AZJOAD.




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