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2003 Southern illinois cup



June 13 -15th 2003

Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, Illinois


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Three Arizona JOADs took part in the second of four Jr. US Archery Team qualifying tournaments of 2003 on the campus of Southern Illinois University.  The same organizers that hosted the US Intercollegiate Archery Championship (USIAC) hosted the event.  The tournament was open to Bowman and Cubs divisions even though only Cadets and Juniors were competing for Jr. USAT standing.


Official practice took place on Friday afternoon under threatening thunderstorm sky with lightning spotted in the distance.  The grass “practice field” was saturated by month long rains.  A bit soggy on the feet. A thunderstorm finally hit on Friday late afternoon forcing some remaining archers off of the practice field.


TL’s Archery hosted a party for all participants on Friday night.


The tournament began at 7:00AM on Saturday morning under good conditions, very light breezes, overcast skies, high humidity and temperatures in the low eighties.  The format of this tournament was different because short distances were shot first followed by long distances after lunch. 


The one-day FITA was shot with one line like that of the World Team Trials the week before.  There were up to three archers per target.  A concession stand grilled lunch.  The one-day FITA was over by 3:00 PM.


On Sunday, the Olympic Rounds took place at the same time and under the same good conditions as Saturday.  The head to head seeded matches were contested until the medal match pairings were determined.  Pairs of male and female division and bow type medal matches then took place in the early afternoon with each contestant on their own target.  Bowmen and Cubs were included in the Olympic Rounds.


Arizona Results:


·         Brandon Hunt (Pineapple Archery) (Glendale, AZ), competed in the very competitive Junior Male Compound division.  He came in 6th place in the Olympic round.

·         Brady Ellison (Pineapple Archery) (Payson, AZ), Cadet Male Compound, won the bronze medal in the Olympic round.

·         Lindsay Pian (AZJOAD) (Scottsdale, AZ), Cadet Female Recurve, won both the FITA and the gold medal in the Olympic round.


Congratulations to all the competitors.


Special Thanks to:


Amy and Mark Williams

Pat Eckert, SIUC

Steve Cornell, Director of Shooting

The Officiating Crew

TL’s Archery and Archery International

The Sponsors and the Field Crew

The Leaderboard and Scoring Crew

The Concessionaire

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, venue

Mother Nature for holding off and not raining during the tournament

Parents and Grandparents of the JOADs








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