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2003 world team trials


June 5-8, 2003

Olympic Training Center

Chula Vista, CA


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A dozen Arizonans had a great time at the 2003 World Team Trials at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.  Two were Arizona JOADs.  The OTC is easy to get to, only a six-hour drive from Tucson or Phoenix. This tournament determined multiple USA teams including those for the World Championship in New York and the Pan American Games. 


The weather on Day One was breezy, warm in the sun, and cool in the shade type of day.

Two Arizona JOADs took part as “Seniors”.  The field was laid out such that three archers could shoot on a target at one time, on one line.  Official practice began at 8:00 AM with the FITA portion completed by 4:30 PM including a two-hour lunch break.  The athletes were invited to get their lunch in the OTC cafeteria.   


AZJOAD Junior Ted Harden2 competed in the one day FITA portion of the event.  AZJOAD Cadet Lindsay Pian went on to the Day Two & Three “top sixteen” round robin matches.  The round robins include matches for seventeen in the female recurve division because of varying Championship eligibility requirements.  The tournament leadership did a great job of sorting and organizing the bracket charts for the recurve females. 


Day Two was overcast and breezy with temperatures in the low 60s. The matches consisted of two ends of 6 arrows each at 70 meters.  The matches, including nine for the Female Recurves, began at 8:00 AM for official practice and was over by 1:00 PM

Day Three finished the remaining “16” match round robins.  The day began under a light drizzle.  The drizzles lasted a couple of hours, but low cloud cover and winds kept up all day.  The temperatures were cold with the temperatures only reaching 62 degrees F.  The field was cut to eight for all, except for the female recurve who had nine competitors. The matches were over by 1:00 PM.   Arizona JOAD Lindsay Pian finished in 11th place.  JrUSAT member Jessica Grant and Senior Jon Brewington made the cut for the top eight place round robin matches and went on to compete on Day Four.  


The final day 33 archer field seemed small in comparison to the +100 archers on opening day.  Each match consisted of four 3 arrow ends for a total of 12 arrows.  They took a lunch break and then finished up.  After the dust cleared, Jessi Grant and Jon Brewington both finished in 7th place.


Arizonans that took part in this bi-annual National Trials tournament included:


·         Ted Harden2         (Men Recurve)

·         Barbara Noblet      (Women Recurve)

·         Debbie Krienke     (Women Recurve)

·         Mark Penaz          (Men Compound)

·         Brooke Rosania    (Women Recurve)

·         Debbie Ward        (Women Compound)

·         Levi Reed             (Men Compound)

·         Nicole Rasor         (Women Recurve)

·         Allen Rasor          (Men Compound)

·         Lindsay Pian        (Women Recurve)

·         Jessica Grant       (Women Compound)

·         Jon Brewington     (Men Compound)


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