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good morning arizona


July 14, 2003

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AZJOAD on location at KTVK TV3 Studios


Margaret Beardsley, Good Morning Arizona Producer, was kind enough to invite AZJOAD back to their show for an early morning segment.  This time the group consisted of eight JOADs that had just returned from the JOAD National Championship in Denver.  The “shoot” began with all the JOADs and Parents gathering at 4:45am and then setting up on the back lot. Doug Witt transported the targets and stands and the parent crew took care of set up and take down. 


The segment started at 5:45am.  Dan Davis repeated as the interviewer and doubled the segment time to 6 minutes with a lively question and answer session with Lindsay Pian and Aprilyn Witt.  A shooting line consisting of Rocky Repp, Robyn Repp, Chris Panawa, Brady Ellison, Brandon Hunt, and Jessica Grant made for some great video.  Pineapple Archery, Wild West Archery, Corner Archery and the Mesa Targeteers were well represented.



Afterwards, Jen gave the assembled JOADs and Parents a great tour of the Station including the Newsroom, Studio, Control Center, Weather Center, Microwave Control and the robotic commercial player.

The morning ended with most enjoying breakfast at First Watch.


For more information on AZJOAD contact Bob Pian at 602-228-0465


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