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2003 National target championship


July 27 – Aug. 1, 2003

Reading, Pennsylvania


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The 2003 Target National Championships selects the Senior and Masters US National Champion.  This year and for a few years to come the event takes place in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Most Arizonans flew into Harrisonburg PA, or Philadelphia PA, or Baltimore MD.


The tournament is a long one consisting of a double FITA that takes place over four days followed by the one-day US Open Olympic Elimination rounds.     The double FITA determines the Senior and Master National Champion. Youth divisions also compete in their categories.  This tournament is a JrUSAT qualifying tournament and is required for Senior USAT. The US Open uses the FITA scores to rank all archers shooting competitive distances regardless of nationality or age.


One of the interesting features of Target Nationals is the variety of archery types.  The traditional long bow type archers compete on the same fields just before the main body of the target nationals.  Crossbow archers compete on a separate field.  Masters and AR divisions are also contested.  Many countries send individuals and teams as this is a world-ranking tournament.


The fields are situated such that the Cadets, Cubs, and Bowmans competed across the creek with the crossbow archers and the practice area.  This year the Junior divisions joined the Seniors on the main field.


Official Practice took place on Sunday morning to early afternoon and included equipment inspection, registration and official practice.   The Clout shoot took place on Sunday afternoon.  34 competed in cross bow, recurve and compound bows.  The age divisions were Senior, Youth (14 to 18) and Cub 13 and younger.  The archers shoot six ends six arrows just like a FITA distance.  Arizona was represented by seniors only, Becky and Frank Pearson along with Jessica Grant.


The double FITA determines the Target National Champions.  The youth field, as it came to be known, competed each morning.  The Junior, Senior, AR and Masters competed on alternating mornings and afternoons such that a category never shot the same distances during the same time of the day over the four days.  The FITAs were shot in the typical longest to shortest distance order unlike the JOAD Nationals.


Weather for the double FITA was wonderful compared to typical central PA conditions.  Mornings were in the 80s and the afternoon temperatures reached the low 90s.   It was always humid, but “dryer” than normal.  The four days were unusual rain free.  Most wore short sleeve shirts and short pants.  Some could be seen wearing a light jacket in the early morning only to shed it by mid morning.  A few thunderstorms came in during the nights, but the field stayed mud free except for the few ungrassed areas.


During the US Open on Friday, the tournament’s good weather luck ran out.  The morning was foggy and it rained lightly all day.  The locals indicated that this is the type of weather to expect typically.


The Arizona kids kept focus and performed very well for the full four days, with all placing in the top eight.


  • Brandon Hunt, Junior Compound, continues to make great strides.  Brandon’s first season of FITA competitions seemed to end too quickly.  Brandon also competed in the Senior US Open Olympic Round and won one match to make it to the 16 match round.


  • Brady Ellison, Cadet Compound, had a great second FITA with a score of 1345.  It will be interesting to see where Brady finishes in the 2003 national rankings.


  • Lindsay Pian, Cadet Recurve, won her division. Lindsay also competed in the Senior US Open winning two matches to make it to the 8 match round.


  • Aprilyn Witt, Junior Compound, had a very close competition during the entire four days.  Aprilyn closed the gap and finished strong to win on the final day.  April made it to the 8 match round in the Senior US Open.



Former Arizona JOAD did very well also.  Brooke Rosania, Senior Recurve, shot well and is a part of the 2003 US World University Games to be held in Korea.


Former Arizona JOAD, Jessica Grant, Senior Compound, took 2nd place in the Target Championships and also won a Bronze medal in the US Open.


Many Arizona Seniors also competed including, Nicole and Allen Rasor, Stewart Bowman, Bob Kortan, Mark Penaz, Becky and Frank Pearson, and Foster Gorman.


Mike and Vivian Koistinen took part as judges.


2004 is an Olympic year and will be very busy for the archers especially the recurve archers.  Be sure to book you flights, hotels and rental cars early.



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