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Another Round Robin


May 18, 2003

Ben Avery FITA Range


3 JOADs and 9 Seniors took part in Another AZJOAD 70 meter Round Robin Practice Tournament.  The temperature stayed below 100 degrees while the wind blew and blew.  Scoring started at 8:00am and ended just before noon.


This tourney had the 36 arrow-ranking round seeding two flights of 6 archers each.  Flight A and Flight B then had 5 matches each.


A cash prize was awarded to the flight winners Jon Brewington and Bob Kortan.  Bob also won the single arrow contest at 70 meters in the First to Gold shoot-off (using a 60 cm face).


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36 arrow 70m Qualifier

Last Match

3 JOADs + 9 Seniors











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