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Round Robin


May 10, 2003


3 JOADs and 4 Seniors took part in AZJOAD’s first attempt at a one day 70 meter Round Robin Practice Tournament.


The event went off without a hitch using the AZJOAD “LCD Timer” and preprinted Round Robin match flow target assignment flow charts.


The weather was the real highlight, light to non-existent winds and temperatures in the 70s.


70 meters is a great distance to shoot at and 12 arrow matches seemed just about right.


The Cub JOAD was able to shoot at 40 meters that proved to be just the right distance.

Most took in Subway sandwiches during the break after the first 3 matches.


AZJOAD was able to award a cash prize to the overall winner and to an archer who had his name drawn from a hat.



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