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National ARchery in the schools


May 23, 2003


The National Archery in the Schools Program introduces archery to students in Arizona.  Schools are also encouraged to organize after school archery clubs.  The Arizona Junior Olympic Archery Development program (AZJOAD) offers training, activities and events beyond the school activities.  AZJOAD is an all volunteer, not for profit association, sanctioned by the National Archery Association.


National Archery in the Schools program


AZJOAD could be the next step


How to get going with AZJOAD. 

 1.     Visit and then click on Arizona JOAD Association.  Starting Out will tell you more about JOAD.  There are many different types of archery including 3D and field.  Visit for other choices.

2.      Practice.  Indoor ranges are the most convenient place to practice.  The Arizona JOAD Association/ **Weekly Shooting Schedule** has a listing for archery activity for almost every day of the week.  Contact us at to verify the event particulars.  

3.      Some kids will want to get their own bow and arrows.  The Genesis bow with aluminum target arrows is a great beginner set up.  The shops/ranges below offer the Genesis bow and arrows and is a good place to purchase accessories like quivers, armguards, release and finger tabs.  Many will want shoot an Olympic recurve style bow.  The PSE Optima is a popular choice for recurve archery.  

4.      Shops and indoor ranges.  These shops in the Phoenix metro area host JOAD clubs and invite JOADs with their own equipment to their indoor archery range.

q        Archery Headquarters 480 940-1814

            6401 W. Chandler Blvd. Suite A, Chandler, AZ,  85226

q        Bear Mountain Sports Mesa  480 926-7161

            899 E. Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ,  85204



Here is a list of other shops Phoenix metro area that also have indoor ranges and sell and service equipment.


q       Wild West Archery

            602 548-8658

            1804 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 850023

q       Corner Archery

            623 842-3337

            5008 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

q       Trailhead Outdoors

            602 484-7758

            3110 N. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017


Good luck… focus on form…Serious fun…




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