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Papago Park Practice a HIt


May 3, 2003


Practice and JOAD lessons at Papago Park began with great success on this Saturday.


The first outing included two beginner JOADs, two advanced JOADs and three seniors.  The beginners used “house” bows to shot at a 5-meter bale to get their technique down.  The advanced and seniors shot adult distance.  This is just the kind of mix that the Papago Archers were hoping for.  All archers are encouraged to join in, learn, train and have some fun.  It is interesting to note that five of the seven participants were female.


The Papago Archers extends a special invitation to those that have been shooting at an indoor JOAD program and are looking try outdoor shooting.


The Papago program is a not for profit effort.  A $5 dollar donation is suggested to help pay for supplies and equipment wear and tear.


The Papago Archers is a senior training and JOAD program administered by AZJOAD.  Check the web site often for schedule updates.


Also, SchoolCraft Inc. of Arizona recently provided a storage locker for securing AZJOAD supplies in the Papago Park Storage unit.  Please join AZJOAD in thanking them for their generous donation.



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