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Papago Park ARchery Range rocks



Saturday April 26, 2003

Phoenix Arizona




Thanks to the Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation Grant and Papago Park, the first AZJOAD target archery event took place on Saturday, April 26, 2003.  Eight Junior and Senior National Archery Association Archers from across the valley took part in the one-day National Archery Association (NAA), Federation International Target Archery (FITA) qualifying tournament.  Barebow, Compound bow and Olympic style and JOADs were all represented.


The tournament also included the first 30-meter call-in shoot.


The event began with setup at 7:00AM.  The Scoring began at 8:15AM.  The archers hustled thru the event taking a short break for lunch and to enjoy the tremendous view.  The one-day FITA tournament ended at 2:00PM. We were packed up by 3:00pm


A light comfortable breeze first came from the east, then from the south and then from the west.  Temperatures started in the high 60s and ended in the mid 80s.  The ideal conditions resulted in many achieving a NAA USAT qualifying score. 


The archers were genuinely delighted to be able to use tournament quality target bales and stands.  Donations were collected to encourage more such tournaments and purchase “replacement cores” when the need arises.


The equipment comes just in time for the 2003 outdoor season.  Visit often for up to the minute information on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning practice and training sessions.  Email to volunteer.



John Howland, Arizona State Archery Association Board Member is leading the Papago Park Archery volunteer effort.   Bob Pian, AZJOAD coordinator officiated the NAA registered qualifier.


PS, AZJOAD/SOAD/Collegiate Association is looking for a name for the Papago Park Archery Club.  Email us with your club name ideas.


Serious Fun…


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