3 JOADS and 4 Seniors competed in the round robin last weekend. 

Great Fun…

 If you cannot make it to the ASAA Field Championship in Payson,

 why not a try….



Another Round Robin Tournament

Sunday May 18th, 2003 


Who:            JOADs, NAA Senior and newcomer target archers.


What:           Seniors shoot 36 arrows at 70 meter then 12 arrow 70 meter Round Robin matches.  Cubs and Bowman shoot a JOAD long distance.  This is NOT a NAA registered event.  Archers and/or parent volunteers to help setup and help take down the tournament field.


Where:         Ben Avery FITA Event Range

                    4044 West Black Canyon Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona 85086, I-17 and the Carefree Highway


When:          Sunday May 18th, 2003,

                    7:00 – 7:15am:          Self Serve Setup/ Practice/ Registration/ Waiver

                    7:15 – 7:45am:          Practice

                    8:00am                     36-arrow scoring.

                    9:00am                     Round Robin Matches

                    Breaks will be taken after qualifier to determine seeding followed by the round robin matches and then again after every three or four matches.


How:            36 arrows at 70 meter for round robin seeding followed by 12 arrow 70 meter Round robin matches.  Cubs  and Bowman shoot a JOAD distance.  Two - Six arrow ends.  (For scoring practice each match winner will receive 5 bonus points)

                    All competitors will compete against each other during the round robin, no bow type, gender or age divisions. 

                    Archers to set up and take down bales, flags targets, etc.  Bring a chair, shade canopy, water, beverages, snacks and food.  This is a practice tournament, no awards. 



Rules/Dress Code: N.A.A. and F.I.T.A. dress code is optional. (However, shirt, pants, and shoes are required – Anything less would be too distracting)


How Much:    Fee per event.  Pay at the tournament field.

                     17 and younger; $10.00

                     18 and older, $15.00

                     The fee includes the Ben Avery use fee of $5 per day. 

                     Report directly to the FITA range.  The event will use “used” target faces.


How to sign up:    Email requests to participate at azjoad@cox.net

                             Please let us know if you are a Cub or Bowman.

                             Confirmation will be emailed back.


Space is limited, as only one line will be shot.


Why:            Practice for the upcoming World Trials Chula Vista is June 4th

                    Carbondale Jr. USAT qualifier is June 13th

                    JOAD Nationals is June 26th

                    and Target Nationals is July 25th


More:           Let us know if there is a format you would like to see for future practice tournaments.  Email us with your thoughts and preferred dates.  Still want more practice, Visit the Papago Archers Junior/Senior Practice the day before on Saturday May 17th at 8:00am……Serious Fun…….