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Do you remember the

Encanto Park Archery Range to Papago Park trade? 

If you do, we need your help!



Dec. 23, 2002

Some history found at the City of  Phoenix Library.   Click here


Dec. 15, 2002

For years now, many have spoken of the outstanding target archery facility that was once at Encanto Park.  The Encanto facility had a large grass lawn field that accommodated the 90-meter distance, stadium lights for cool summer evening shoots, and a concession stand.  Restrooms were nearby.  It is the senior archery community’s general recollection that the Encanto Archery range was closed in the mid 80’s.


Most interesting is that some claim that the Encanto Park property was originally donated to the City with some sort of a stipulation that the City of Phoenix maintains an archery range.  The rumor continues that the Phoenix was obligated to create a new range of equivalent value of the Encanto range to provide for the target archery community and to comply with the spirit of the Encanto park property donation stipulations.


The City of Phoenix, Parks and Recreation Departments, Papago Park leadership has recently been charged with documenting the facts.


If you were apart of the target archery community during the Encanto closure and Papago development, we need to have the information you might remember or copies of the documents you might still have including:


   Names of the representatives involved.

   Approximate dates or the year things took place.

   Meetings information from the Parks and Recreation Board  and City Council meetings.

   Agreements established.

   Promises made.


Please take a moment and contact the Arizona Junior Olympic Archery Development (AZJOAD) with whatever information you may have.  We would like to compile the information to assist the City in their research efforts.


Thank you,


Bob Pian

AZJOAD coordinator

Email: azjoad@cox.net

Mobile phone with voice mail: 602 228-0465.