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2003 JOAD Nationals


June 27-29, 2003

Denver, Colorado


AZJOAD Results            Some Arizona Photos


    Photos from US Archery


Texas Archery Photos: Practice Day   Day 1   Day 2   Some OR photos


US Archery Press Release



Fifteen Arizona JOADs traveled to Colorado and competed in the 2003 JOAD National Championship Three Arizona JOAD members of Jr. USArchery Team also took part.  The tourney was held in the high altitude and cool temperatures of Englewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.  Many families took the opportunity to make the trip a vacation.  Some drove, others flew. 


There were contestants from all over the country in Bowman (8 or younger-12), Cub (13-14), Cadet (15-16), and Junior (17-18) divisions for a total of 280 JOADs.  Fifteen Arizona JOADs took part in this year’s tournament.  For ten of them it was their first JOAD National Championship, which is a good thing for the future of Arizona JOAD.  Here are the Arizona’s JOADs that took part:



Back Row:     Rocky Repp, Robyn Repp, Mary Frangos, Lindsay Pian, Kerry Wais, Ted Harden 2 April Witt, Brandon Hunt

Middle Row:   Mack Huff, Corinna Ramirez, Maggie Huff, Brady Ellison, Ryan Davis

Kneeling:        Chris Panawa and Philip Cannon II


Arizona adult support is a big part of JOAD.  Ted Harden began his first term as Western Regional JOAD Representative. Diane Tone was the Director of Shooting.  Mike Koistinen and Bob Pian took part as Judges.  Most importantly, Arizona JOAD parents volunteered everywhere from helping with the leader board to moving targets to jumping in to fix equipment.


Thursday morning was brisk.  By noon the temperatures had climbed making shorts the best option.  Winds were variable.  Thursday practice ran well with most people in awe of the beautiful weather and field.  The field was set up with females on the west side and males to the east.


Friday was the first short distance FITA/team round day.  Friday ran as smooth as can be expected considering the large field yielded more bounce outs, equipment failures and slow scoring than a regular sized tourney.  One unexpected result of the cool dry air was a few cases of nosebleeds.  One archer had to withdraw from the FITA.


The team round was held on Friday afternoon.  Mixed team genders and bow types were allowed. As a result there was a relatively large team elimination round groups.  Saturday was a long day and some did not leave the field until 7:00 PM.


Saturday’s long distances finished the FITA that determined the JOAD National Championships.  Saturday nights banquet took place at a “Super Entertainment Arcade with buffet style Mexican food.  The banquet fee included arcade play.  The FITA and Team trophies were awarded at the banquet.


The Cubs, Cadets and Juniors competed in the Olympic Rounds (OR) on Sunday in the Junior US Open.  The day started nicely with the Compound Divisions shooting in the morning.  The small number of Compound JOADs in comparison to the Recurve JOADs along with nice weather moved the morning along smoothly.  The Compound ORs received very nice etched acrylic trophies. 


Sunday afternoon Recurve ORs were another story.  The large number of archers made it a necessity to move the target distances from 70 to 50 and back again, which was time consuming.  In spite of the large numbers, things moved along as well as could be expected until lightning was spotted in the area.  All were directed to go to their cars or into a building.  Weather reports indicated severe weather.  It began to hail and rain  At that point the tournament was prudently called off.  Organizers, officials, athletes and spectators alike were all very disappointed.  


Tournament Highlights:

Great Weather,  It was tough to go from Denver temps in the low 80s to 108 back in Phoenix.

Great awards,  Very nice plaques were given out for the FITA and the Compound ORs.

Great field,  Lush green grass, ample close-by parking, ample archer shade, seating and spectator tent area,

Food concession, Grill dogs, brats, burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Super volunteers, especially the army that ran the leader boards.


Better luck next time:

The Sound system couldn’t get to the ends of the field.

There must be a solution to slow scoring and pace of the younger divisions.

More teams needed for the team round.

Judge/officials radios for all is a must.

Print the OR flow chart on the back of the FITA scorecard.

It would have been nice to have a vendor like Lancaster there.



After the competition was over, Arizona’s Jr. USAT members including now Senior Jessica Grant traveled to Colorado Springs, Olympic Training Camp for the week long Jr. USAT camp.


By Bob Pian





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